About my painting

It has been a while since I wanted to share my paintings with you. I finally realized this dream and I am very glad to present you here my modest work.
For me, painting is the transcription of a whole of ideas, perceptions and emotions. When I start a new painting, everything seems so confusing, complex and inconsistent. However, as work proceeds, this chaos makes sense and gets shaped. The ideas are raging in my mind, and my hand, armed with the brush, translates them into the canvas with an unlimited variety of colors and shapes. Finally, it turns out that this is simply the reflection of my soul at a very precise moment.
This is the reason that makes me consider a painting

as a secret diary, in which I am describing my very intimate feelings. For the same reason, interpreting a painting requires some sensibility to decipher its hidden meaning.
I never know when the inspiration will come, it can happen at any moment. It comes when I feel an internal excitation that resembles to the moment when two lovers meet each other.
At the beginning, there is just the canvas and me, like two cowboys from the far west investigating each other. Me, armed with a massive arsenal of brushes and paints and just in front of me this blank impassive canvas which is challenging my creativity.
Then, at a certain point, I charge it, in the beginning, I have no idea from where I will start, neither which color I will use, nor which brush I will take. I have

just one desire : to make this arrogant white surface disappear. After many colored blows, the blank canvas dies away and gives rise to many unexpected shapes and colors.
I never know when a painting is finished.everyone goes through different stages and many changesI continue working on a painting several weeks, sometimes even months
At one moment, I stop, I contemplate the painting, it is finished. A feeling of tranquility overwhelms me, it`s like an orgasm
I rarely name my paintings, I like when each one of them can be recognized just with a look.
I love when my friends are surprising me with their own interpretations, that are reflecting their different perceptions.

I wish everyone a pleasant journey in the imaginary world of Galart
How everything started

I started to paint when I was a very young girl. I loved the moments that I spent all alone in my room, painting cartoon network heroes.
I stopped painting when I was 12 years old. I do not know why, maybe because of the adolescence, I had some more interesting things to do.
Years were passing, I came to France trying to find my way. One day, when I was working in the restaurant, my part time job to pay my studies, I started to paint again on beer coasters. I was in love and I was painting for my beloved.
A couple of months later, I had my appendix removed and I discovered the general anesthesia, something that was very stressful for me and at the

same time it brought me some unexpected things When I woke up after the operation, a friend of mine Kokosh, came to see me and he offered me a sketch pad and pastels. That`s how everything began. A year later, during my exam session, one morning I was watching the Sophie Devan’s show « C’est au programme » there was a report about acrylic painting . Interested, excited and enthusiastic I bought myself a canvas and paints and that was the beginning of my painting.
Today, this is my hobby, my passion my comfort zone.
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